General TRNG Questions Thread

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General TRNG Questions Thread

Mensagem por Eden em 10/4/2012, 17:28

I'm hoping almighty Pedro doesn't mind me making a thread here. Razz

Here you can ask questions about TRNG, basically anything to do with it that you don't understand. This is things such as: New features and buttons of the NGLE, TRNG scrpiting, like global triggers, etc.

So if you're having a problem, chances are someone else has had that problem before, and knows the answer and will gladly respond to your query.

Please, do not use this forum to chat, and if you think someone's question is silly, don't be mean, because as a wise Moogle on Final Fantasy XII once said Razz ''We are all born ignorant.''

So if there's anything you need to know, ask here and me or another member will try their best to answer your question. Smile

Remember, don't get impatient, if your question is not answered, then don't continue posting your question or it will be classed as spam. Someone will come along eventually if you wait.

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