General Chat and Socialising Thread

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General Chat and Socialising Thread

Mensagem por Eden em 11/4/2012, 06:07

Here you can talk with other members, it doesn't matter what about, just so long as it is within the boundries of the rules.

You can chat about how you're feeling, what you had for breakfast, what you intend to do today, whatever!

Please can anybody posting here make an effort NOT to ignore other members, and try to make everyone feel welcome here. That way we can all have fun, and maybe make some new friends. Smile

Please DO NOT:

SPAM, or consistently post here, make sure you pay attention to others.
Make fun of other people. (Unless they're alright with it)
Attack other people's views or opinions, we don't want any arguments here so keep it free of posts that may induce malcontent.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Very Happy


I'd just like to give a big warm welcome to all those new to this forum, and to those who may use this thread. Hi everyone! Enjoy your stay here!

I'm finally getting a sofa today after several months of sitting in lloyd looms and armchairs. cheers

So, how is everybody feeling? Smile

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