How to make fog bulb for your game

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How to make fog bulb for your game

Mensagem por Raider99 em 14/4/2012, 15:39

Here i'll show how to make fog bulbs in level.Smile

1.Open NG center and put this lines in you level block:

ForceVolumetricFX= ENABLED

-For people who don't know how to use TRNG,there is another way to enable this.
Right click on Tomb4.exe and click make shortcut,right click on shortcut and click properties and in Target bar,
at the end of it make one click space and write setup.

you should have something like this: Location....\tomb4.exe setup

Click ok and open tomb4shortcut.exe.When it open click on VolumetricFX and enable it,clikc ok to save it.

2.Open your level in NGLE
- go to Effects tab and click on Fog bulb

3. You need to make trigger to enable fog bulb color
Make this trigger

; Set Trigger Type - FLIPEFFECT 28
; Exporting: TRIGGER(0:0) for FLIPEFFECT(28)
; <#> : OldFlip. Set the RGB color for the fog bulbs to the <&>value
; <&> : (chose color which will fit your level)
; (E) :
; Values to add in script command: $2000, 28, $0

-unfortunately you can use only one fog bulb color Sad,but if you would like to change it,you need to put same trigger with another color.
But be careful,if you would like to change color,you need to be sure,you're on place where you can't see previous fog bulb,because it will change color and it won't fit previous room,and that's not nice.Sad

4. Now you need to reduce intensity
-Click on fog bulb
-click from NGLE show light meshes,it will be easier to know,how many space will be foggy.

So now,if you want some weak fog,you can reduce intensity to small value like 0.03,0.06 05 0.09
Also,you need to reduce color RGB values to smaller or fog will be to strong.
I always put them to 50,or smaller will be very weakly fog,here's example of some weakly teal fog.

-Out value are for that how many space will be foggy,as smaller is value,less space will be foggy,as value is bigger,more space will be foggy.

-In value are for thick part of fog,when step there it will be very very thick.

I hope i helped little,enjoy and happy raiding! Wink

(If i'm wrong,correct me please Surprised)

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